3.3 Phonics and Word Recognition

Long Vowel Sounds: Vowel Teams

Remember that when a vowel has a long sound, it says its name.

Long A bake
Long E theme
Long I line
Long O phone
Long U tune

One way to spell a long vowel sound is by using two vowels together to say one long sound. This is called a vowel team. Some common vowel teams are:

Long A ai_, _ay
Long E ee, ea
Long I _ie, _igh
Long O _ow, oa_
Long U _ew, _ue

Examples of words with these vowel team spellings include:

Long A wait say
Long E feet seat
Long I tie high
Long O bow coat
Long U few rescue

When you are ready, click the link below to Practice long-vowel teams.

For additional practice with long-vowel teams, follow the link below.

Then click on Main Page to learn about Syllable Counting: Vowel Sounds.