6.1 Conventions of Standard English

Expand and Rearrange Sentences

  • A simple sentence has one subject and one predicate. It tells one complete thought.

    Molly ran home.

  • Two simple sentences may be joined to form a compound sentence. A compound sentence has two subjects and two predicates. It tells two complete thoughts.

    Tom walked the dog.

    Melanie played with the cat.

    Tom walked the dog, and Melanie played with the cat.

  • Sometimes when you join two simple sentences with the conjunction and, you can arrange the new compound sentence in two different ways.

    Mark likes oranges.

    Sally like apples.

    Mark likes oranges, and Sally likes apples.


    Sally likes apples, and Mark likes oranges.

  • You can change a sentence by adding more details or information to expand the sentence. You can use adjectives and adverbs to add descriptions.

    Mark likes sweet oranges.

    Sally likes green apples.

    Jenny really likes grapes.


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