Key Ideas and Details

  1. Identify key steps in a text’s description of a process related to history/social studies (e.g., how a bill becomes law, how interest rates are raised or lowered).

This standard is covered in the CCSS Literacy eHandbook. Correlations to the Imagine It! program to come.

3.1 Key Ideas and Details
Lesson D

Read Procedural Text

Procedural text describes a process. It might explain how to do something, how something works, or what causes an event to occur, for example.

When writing procedural texts, authors usually:

    • present the information in a logical series of steps,
    • provide clear details that are easy to follow,
    • use precise language, such as time-order or spatial-order words, and
    • use text features, such as heads or numbered lists, to help readers easily identify steps and find information.

Click the Model button to see an example of how to read a social studies procedural text.