6.1 Text Types and Purposes

History/Social Studies Argument Essay

Writers often make their arguments through essays. When presenting an argument on a topic in history or social studies, the writer analyzes evidence from primary and secondary sources and tries to convince the reader to share his or her analysis by providing strong reasons and evidence. This type of argument essay may try to change the reader’s view of an event or issue, convince them to act a certain way, or accept the writer’s analysis of an event, a historical person, or a problem.


Purpose Why would you want to write a history or social studies argument essay? Write your ideas in your journal.


Learning from Writers

Click on the model below to read an example of a history argument essay. Pay attention to the reasons the writer provides. How has she used reasons to support her opinion?

Features of Argument Pieces

Arguments present a claim about a topic or issue and encourage the audience to share the writer’s analysis, interpretation, or perspective on that topic or issue. Writers of good argument pieces

Create a Features Chart

1. Reread an argument piece.
2. In a circle, write the author’s argument.
3. Draw “arms” from the circle. On each arm, write a reason the author presents to convince readers to support his or her argument. Number the reasons to show the order in which the author gives them.
4. Write whether the author’s reasons convinced you to support his or her argument.

Now click here to begin the Writing Process for your own argument essay.