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Pupil Editions
Student Editions offer a wealth of songs, listening selections, movement, instrumental parts, and other activities, organized by four distinct sections in a student-engaging format.


Teacher’s Editions
Teacher’s Editions are organized for flexibility and easy planning, incorporating Kodály, Orff, and Dalcroze approaches that include an abundance of teaching strategies.


Electronic Student Editions
Electronic Student Editions contain complete student pages in an electronic format as an alternative to the pupil edition or big book. Teachers can project the pages and conveniently zoom in and out on notation as needed.

TeacherWorks Plus
TeacherWorks Plus provides teachers with the ultimate tool in lesson planning: an Interactive Lesson Planner and calendar that is fully integrated with an Interactive Teacher Edition featuring student pages, Teacher Resource Masters, audio clips of songs, and a searchable Master Index.


Spotlight on Music™ Pre-K
The Pre-K program facilitates creative musical experiences, while fostering social, emotional, and physical development, all organized around appealing and popular Pre-K themes.

Big Books
Big Books provide visual reinforcement for lesson concepts; they include large text, simple icons, notation, and illustrations.


Audio CD Packages
Audio CD Packages contain the highest quality recordings of songs and authentic listening selections; song recordings include stereo vocal tracks, instrumental tracks, as well as vocal-only practice tracks for every song.

Grade-Level DVDs
Grade-Level DVDs feature choreography for Broadway for Kids musicals, John Jacobson choreography, From the Top video interviews, and sign-language instruction for songs.


Teacher’s Resource Masters
Teacher’s Resource Masters feature additional opportunities for enrichment in Spotlight on Music™; including assessments, more listening maps, sign language versions of songs, as well as scripts of the Broadway for Kids musicals.

Piano Accompaniments
Piano Accompaniments are available for every song in each grade level; each accompaniment replicates the song recording, and choreography instructions are included at point of use where applicable.


Interactive Listening Maps

Interactive Listening Maps take student learning to the next level. These animated maps are provided for 20 listening selections per grade level! Stimulating and perfectly-timed animation ensures that students can not only follow along, but also interact with various parts of the map to reinforce music concepts.


Spotlight on Music Reading Transparencies
Full-color overhead transparencies are provided for all Spotlight on
Music Reading pages from the pupil editions.

Spotlight on Orff Orchestrations
Orff Orchestrations contain supplementary orchestrations for songs written by Orff master teachers and supported by extensive lesson plans available online.


Spotlight on Recorder
Spotlight on Recorder contains recorder parts, teacher notes, and pupil pages. It is correlated to Spotlight on Music™.

Spotlight on Guitar
Spotlight on Guitar contains easy-to-follow lesson plans and student material designed to prepare students for further study and lifelong playing.


¡Fiesta de canciones! Spanish Song Books and CDs
Students experience diverse cultures and traditions through activities presented in ¡Fiesta de canciones!, which contains songs from the Hispanic heritage. These are offered in two volumes with audio CDs featuring recordings for every song.

ELL Handbook
ELL Handbook presents adaptations and intervention strategies of selected Spotlight on Music lessons that address the needs of the teacher in a multi-lingual classroom.


Festival of World Music
Students become culturally aware through activities, song recordings, and a listening library presented in
Festival of World Music, which contains songs from Asia and Oceania.

Festival of Caribbean Music
Students become culturally aware through activities and song recordings presented in Festival of Caribbean Music, featuring eight songs by the renowned Caribbean musician Irving Burgie.


Learning Music Through Movement
Learning Music Through Movement is a two-volume set designed to help students show musical elements through movement and basic dance steps.

Help! I’m a Substitute Music Teacher!
Published by Hal Leonard, Help! I’m a Substitute Music Teacher! contains time-tested and student-approved songs, games, activities, and practice pages in a variety of formats.


Music Express Magazine
Music Express Magazine, published by Hal Leonard Corporation with 6-issues during the school year, contains fresh materials to supplement instruction for Spotlight on Music™.

Music Alive! Magazine
Published by Cherry Lane Magazines, Music Alive! Magazine features 8 monthly issues during the school year that presents songs and other engaging information about current musicians and music styles for students, as well as curriculum support for teachers.


Master Index

The Master Index provides convenient access to materials presented in the Spotlight on Music™ series


DVD Resource Library
Offered in three collections (Composers, Instruments, Variety) of 24 DVDs, these videos enhance instruction in Spotlight on Music™.


Global Voices DVDs
This collection of 6 DVDs takes students on a virtual field trip to many cultures, allowing them to explore authentic performances of songs with movements, learn cultural information, and even pronunciation of songs.

Orchestral Instruments CD-ROM
Orchestral Instruments CD-ROM allows students to interactively explore orchestral instruments with video clips, lesson activities, and games.



World Instruments CD-ROM
World Instruments CD-ROM allows students to interactively explore instruments from all over the world with video clips, lesson activities, and games.

MiDisaurus CD-ROM
MiDisaurus is an integrated multimedia music software, featuring engaging and highly motivating lessons, games, and exercises that focus on practice with musical concepts


Music Ace and Music Ace 2
Reinforce learning of musical concepts and skills; available in a variety of networkable configurations and correlated to lessons in Spotlight on Music™.

Spotlight on MIDI
Spotlight on MIDI brings the power of professional music technology into the classroom in a complete easy-to-use program correlated with Spotlight on Music™. (MIDI files provided in multiple formats.)


Master Tracks Pro
Master Tracks Pro sequencing software is accessible by both teachers and students and can be used with Spotlight on MIDI.

MusicTime Deluxe
MusicTime Deluxe provides flexible notation software allowing students to create, edit, and print their own music; includes instruction manual containing resource masters and activities correlated to Spotlight on Music™.